Haiti - Education : Michaëlle Jean applauds the creation of the Inter-University Consortium (CIRSEH)

Haiti - Education : Michaëlle Jean applauds the creation of the Inter-University Consortium (CIRSEH)

Michaëlle Jean, the UNESCO Special Envoy for Haiti, welcomes the establishment of the Inter-University Consortium for the Rebuilding of the Haiti's Education System (Consortium Inter-universitaire pour la Refondation du Système Éducatif Haïtien - CIRSEH) whose the framework agreement will be signed today in Port-au-Prince between the Republic of Haiti and 18 Haitian and Canadian university institutions.

The Consortium will accompany the Haitian government in its efforts towards universal enrollment stated in the Operational Plan 2010-2015 of the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP). It will also work to strengthen the capacity of Haitian institutions of higher learning scattered throughout the country.

"This agreement, which can be qualified as historical, explicitly addresses the needs formulated by the Haitian Government in the achievement of its national objectives. It comes seal an alliance guaranteeing the transfer of skills between Canadian and Haitian university partners in a spirit of cooperation and reciprocity. We can only rejoice of this collaboration that will enable a true harmonization of interventions for the reconstruction of the education system in Haiti," declared Michaëlle Jean.

A dozen Haitian institutions public and private of higher education are part of the Consortium. On the Canadian side, there are the University of Quebec and two of its component, the UQAM and UQTR, Laval University, the University of Moncton, the University of Ottawa, University of Sherbrooke and the University of Montreal.

"Canadian universities and Haitian universities are longtime allies. Their collaborations have borne much fruit," found the Special Envoy of UNESCO. "The new agreement lays the groundwork of a cooperation much stronger and certainly exemplary, born of a concern of consistency, of rationalization of efforts and of strengthening of the Haitian leadership. It will know certainly accompany large restructuring projects of higher education and university system in Haiti as well as the program proposed in the report entitled 'National Pact on Education and Vocational Training in Haiti', recently presented to the President of the Republic," added Ms. Jean.

This National Pact, to which the President Michel Martelly promised to join, is the result of over two years of consultation with all players in the world of education in Haiti. This mobilization has made ​​possible the identification of problems that plague the educational institutions. The recommendations emanating of it aim to the upgrading of an education system that has seriously deteriorated in recent decades.

The birth of the Inter-University Consortium for the rebuilding of the Haiti's education system, will be an additional resource available to the Government of Haiti to provide the country with modern and efficient institutions at the service of its population.

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